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Pencak Silat is a term which refers to the general category of martial arts that come from Indonesia. Indonesia has many different styles of Pencak Silat and our style of martial arts is composed of some of those styles.

If you choose to train with us then welcome aboard and hop on for the ride of your life. If you do not choose us then good luck in your chosen style and we wish you well in your training.

Our Art

Every part of Pukulan Cimande Pusaka is vital to the other and if you remove one the foundation crumbles. Listed below are the main elements of our style.

About Us

Master Willy Wetzel and Kuntao

Biography Pendekar Sanders

The Pendekar Mama Seated Jurus

Here the student learns the correct use of the arms and hands, how to make a fist and how to hit-parry. The Jurus develop speed, timing, the use of the indirect vision while facing incoming blows and the "heart" not to run or shy away from an opponent in your space. Additionally they allow a standing version.

Sera Depok

This is the glue that holds it all together. These are not elementary standing static Jurus. They open the mind of the practitioner, they teach space, off timing, off balancing, redirection and misdirection. The energy power of the body is developed. The legs are strengthened and the low, medium and high stance is utilized. Once understood they compose 15 equations that the practitioner has as a "play book" to bait the opponent whenever they want. They are disguised with the Bunga and explode in and out of it. The better you get the more these open up to you. All of the animals appear and disappear in these Jurus but the inner energy is of the Snake-Naga and the main outward manifestation is the Monkey which of course mimics all of animals.

The Animals

Here the practitioner learns how each animal can be broken down and utilized for various ranges and styles of fighting. One can see how they are connected and part of the Sera Depok as you recognize them from the Jurus and they become a veil, a disguise that you move in and out of preparing at all times to use a Sera Depok Equation learned from the Jurus to end a fight. Whether it works or not it quickly vanishes into an animal mannerism. This is the great advantage of the Mas Jud animistic influence over more mainstream Cimande and other styles where the animal mannersims have been removed or watered down. These other styles will never be as combatively effective and will look stiff and robotic in comparison. The Naga develops from the synthesis of all the animals, the seated Juru blows and the Sera Depok Jurus.

The 12th Principle or the Thread

Here in lies the Golden elixir. It is the key to how we move and this special manner of movement congeals it all into something found nowhere else.




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